Floor Machine Brushes, Squeegees and Accessories

Brushes and Accessories

A floor cleaning machine is only as good as its parts, which is why TNE Franklin stocks the brushes, brooms, squeegees and accessories that will maximize your equipment's cleaning potential. We offer factory direct shipping and support on parts and accessories from over 30 leading cleaning equipment manufacturers. With our extensive inventory of OEM and aftermarket hardware backed by the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, your floor machines wil perform better, longer.

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Dry Application Wearable Accessories

For all makes and models of industrial sweepers and industrial cleaning equipment.

Floor Machine Brushes

  • OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Sizes to fit all makes and models of machines
  • Brushes for general and specialized cleaning applications
Keep your floor sweepers and cleaners running at peak performance by regularly replacing worn brushes and brooms. TNE Franklin offers brushes that are optimized for your surfaces, ensuring maximum contact and even levels of wear on each part. Our brushes clean more and last longer. LEARN MORE…

Concrete and Surface Preparation

Professional surface preparation tools that can be attached to any standard auto-scrubber unit.

Diamabrush Concrete Polishers

  • Safely remove polyurethanes, varnishes and mastic
  • Resurface floors while using zero chemicals
  • Achieve professional results without investing in new equipment
Turn your existing cleaning equipment into a professional-grade surface polishing and preparation tool! The exclusive Diamabrush by Malish Concrete Polishing System puts you in complete control of the look and feel of your surfaces -- from a deep thorough cleaning to a showroom shine. LEARN MORE…

Wet Application Wearable Accessories

For all makes and models of industrial scrubbers and powered scrubbing equipment

Industrial Squeegees

  • Four material types to match your application
  • Designed for durability and long term performance and value
  • We can help you select the right squeegee for your machine

Use the right high-performance industrial squeegee for 100 percent water collection in a single pass. TNE Franklin squeegees fit both your machine and your application to give you maximum speed and maximum longevity. We throw out the one-size-fits-all approach to give you squeegees that last longer and perform better. LEARN MORE…

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The TNE Franklin Stocking Customer Program is the easiest way to save on genuine Nilfisk-Advance OEM wearable parts. There are no monthly quotas and no repeat minimum order requirements. You save 10% on all Advance parts just for ordering the same wearable items that you always do!

I'm sold. How do I join?

To initiate the program: The next time you place an order for Advance parts with TNE Franklin, simply order an extra set of wearable items like two main brooms or two sets of curb brooms.

And that's it! Once you make your initial order, you will immediately receive a 10% Stocking Customer Discount on all future orders of Advance parts regardless of whether they are wearable or not.

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