Floor Scrubber Industrial Squeegees

Floor Scrubber Industrial Squeegees 

TNE Franklin provides a full selection of Nilfisk Genuine OEM as well as aftermarket industrial squeegees to deliver the performance you need at the value you expect. A floor scrubber squeegee performs best when its material is matched to the application, and we offer four material classes to best fit your unique cleaning challenges. Download the complete Linatex Squeegee brochure to learn more about the advantages of our most popular scrubber accessory!

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Gum Rubber Squeegees

  • Withstands temperatures up to 194 F (90 C)
  • 35 or 45 durometers
  • ASTM specification of D2000 AA430
Gum or natural rubber squeegees are noted for their outstanding resistance to wear and tearing. These squeegee blades also show strong resistance to abrasion and can weather long duty cycles and continuous use. ORDER FORM…

Linatex Rubber Squeegees

  • Withstands temperatures -40 F (-40 C) to 170 F (77 C)
  • Durable and cost effective
  • Extremely resilient to wet abrasion
Download the full brochure. Linatex natural rubber squeegees boast a strong resistance to inorganic chemicals while holding up against abrasion. Linatex squeegees also benefit from extremely cold temperature resistance.ORDER FORM…

Neoprene Squeegees

  • Designed for temperatures up to 194 F (90 C) or higher
  • Resists weathering and ozone
  • Rated for use with most major and aggressive chemicals
Neoprene or chloroprene squeegees are exceptionally adept at withstanding oils or petroleum-based solvents. These squeegees also resist weathering and bleaching agents and are designed for heavy duty and continuous use. ORDER FORM…

Urethane Squeegees

  • Designed for temperatures up to 194 F (90 C) or higher
  • Absorbs almost no water (0.3% to 1% by weight)
  • Extremely high abrasion and tear resistance
Urethane or pentathane squeegees deliver the ultimate all-around performance and excel in nearly all environments. Urethane squeegees weigh less, absorb less and last longer, resisting oils, solvents, bleaches, detergents and soaps equally well. Urethane blades also resist both acid and alkaline chemicals and last longer than rubber and plastic. ORDER FORM…

We will help you pick the most affordable and effective squeegees for your cleaning applications!

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