Clearance Parts

 Looking for an obscure, obsolete part for your older cleaning equipment? We have many OE and OEM brushes and parts in stock that you won't be able to find anywhere else, available now for a deep discount. Check the table below to see if the part you need is here and ready for shipment!

To order a part from this page or to inquire about parts for any piece of cleaning equipment, please contact Alex Caslow at TNE Franklin by sending an email to or by calling 1-800-929-5295.

Item NumberDescriptionFits ModelsQty. Avail. 
AD0765-252 SCRUB BR ASSY USE 0765-25 6200H, 66200HIC,6200IC, 6700 3 Email Inquiry
AD0765-253 SCRUB BR ASSY AMERFIL .04 6267 6200H, 66200HIC,6200IC, 6700 3 Email Inquiry
AD1461018000 MAIN BROOM PPL 0 8 STD terra 5200b 1 Email Inquiry
AD51460B BRUSH BLOCK GRIT 14 OD VIS 2 VIS 26 2 Email Inquiry
AD56110011 BRUSH CYL 48 PROLENE Condor XL 2 Email Inquiry
AD56413438 BRUSH 46 GRIT 45 Condor 4530C 4 Email Inquiry
AD56467309 FILTER PRIMARY ASSY Retriever 134B 1 Email Inquiry
AD56602053 BRUSH ASSEMBLY Vac Ride 3400 2 Email Inquiry
AD8-24-04071 FILTER PANEL N/A 1 Email Inquiry
AD8-24-04105 FILTER - PANEL N/A 2 Email Inquiry
ADL08837026 BRUSH POLY LITE 20 Adfinity, Focus II, SC450, Razor 20 1 Email Inquiry
EGT823102055 TYNEX GRIT Manufacturer: Eagle 1 Email Inquiry
FC11-421P Brush,Poly,11" 21, 2100 2 Email Inquiry
FC19-421N Brush,Nylon,19" 38, 40, 40HD, 3700 2 Email Inquiry
FC28-521PS Brush,Cylindrical,28",Light Magnum 30, GTX30, 28, 2800, 2800EX, 29, 3000, 350/28" 2 Email Inquiry
FC40-421P SEE PART NUMBER 19-421P Brush, 38, 40, 40HD, 3700 2 Email Inquiry
FC5-421P SEE PART NUMBER 19-421P Brush, 38, 40, 40HD, 3700 2 Email Inquiry
FP1443-143 W/S501 PREP NYLON BRUSH N/A 2 Email Inquiry
FP278649 BROOM N/A 1 Email Inquiry
FP700436 BROOM, MAIN N/A 1 Email Inquiry
FP700542 BROOM, MAIN N/A 2 Email Inquiry
PB830721 BRUSH-STATIC FREE ASM N/A 1 Email Inquiry
TN05728 BRUSH ASSY, DISK, SCB, 13 465, 1465 1 Email Inquiry
TN10187 BRUSH, SWP, 36L, 18 SR, P 210, 215 1 Email Inquiry
TN14584 BRUSH N/A 1 Email Inquiry
TN222311 BRUSH, SCB, 36L, 18 SR, N 5700-900C, 7200C 2 Email Inquiry
TN240259 BRUSH, 12.0 [STRATAGRIT 1 N/A 1 Email Inquiry
TN385912 BRUSH, SCB, 24L, 18SR, PY 5400-24 2 Email Inquiry
TN392222 BRUSH, SWP, 32L, 6DR, PYP T15 2 Email Inquiry
TN43592 BRUSH, SCB, 38L, 24 SR, P Scrub att. 85,86,90,240,240EH,255,255LL,260,265,275,275II,280,285,540L 1 Email Inquiry
TN59440 BRUSH, SWP, 45L, 8 DR, * 355,3355E,385,8400,8410 1 Email Inquiry
TN71170 BRUSH, SCB, 45L, 24 SR, P 7400 2 Email Inquiry
XX20-1907 18" NYLON BRUSH N/A 1 Email Inquiry

To order additional parts from TNE Franklin, fill out our parts order form or call 1-800-929-5935.