Advance Floor Scrubbers from TNE Franklin

Floor Scrubbers

TNE Franklin is proud to be a Premier Dealer of Nilfisk-Advance industrial floor scrubbers. These top-of-the-line floor scrubbing machines are the ultimate combination of power and green cleaning. Advance products also feature a unique EcoFlex system that is designed to use fewer resources while keeping your floors sparkling clean. It's better for the environment and your bottom line.

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Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Our walk-behind powered floor scrubbers are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing plants, auto shops, grocery stores and anywhere else where removing dirt, debris, oil and grease is a priority. They range from the versatile battery powered Adfinity, with a 20 inch disc or cylindrical scrub head and optional EcoFlex system, to the Warrior, a heavy-duty industrial scrubber that can clean over 42,240 square feet per hour. These walk-behind scrubbers are built for optimal operator comfort with ergonomic Soft-Touch paddle controls and are NFSI certified for slip and fall safety.

Advance Adfinity Electric Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 26,400 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for showrooms, dealerships, distributors, manufacturing shops, storage facilities, small hangers

The Advance Adfinity Electric Scrubber is a well-rounded walk-behind floor machine that packs an incredible amount of cleaning power into a compact package. It goes places rider scrubbers can't and is twice as efficient as many larger machines. LEARN MORE...

Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 42,240 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for dealerships, manufacturing facilities, grocery stores, retail outlets, distribution centers, warehouses

The Advance Warrior Walk-Behind Scrubber is designed for heavy-duty use in almost any environment. Its wide scrub heads, large tanks and EcoFlex technology will enable you to clean more floor space with less water and fewer chemicals. LEARN MORE...

SC750 & SC800 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 50,900 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, department stores, distribution centers

The Advance SC750 and SC800 Series of Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers represent the ultimate in midsize productivity. These easy-to-operate and low-maintenance machines are tough enough for industrial environments but are quiet enough for public and commercial areas. LEARN MORE...

Riding Floor Scrubbers

For maximum cleaning productivity, upgrade to one of Advance's rider floor scrubbers like the Condor, featuring a wide variety of scrub deck options and the green cleaning of EcoFlex. Or there's the SC8000, a cleaning powerhouse with a 48 inch dual cylindrical deck and the ability to clean up to 95,500 square feet per hour.

Advance Advenger Industrial Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 39,424 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for hospitals, universities, government buildings, hotels, department stores, warehouses

The Advance Advenger Industrial Scrubber is an all-around cleaning solution that has the flexibility to meet the unique challenges of any environment. This unit combines the maneuverability of a walk-behind with the power of a riding scrubber to save time and labor. LEARN MORE...

Advance Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 66,880 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for food and beverage facilities, retail centers, government buildings, universities, manufacturing facilities, airport terminals

The Advance Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber is a highly adaptable and environmentally sensitive riding scrubber that attacks dirt and can quickly overcome any challenge. Available in three model classes, each designed with EcoFlex cleaning technology. LEARN MORE...

Advance Condor Ride-On Floor Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 73,920 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for stadiums and arenas, food and beverage facilities, shopping malls, aircraft hangers, manufacturing plants, transit depots

The Advance Condor Ride-On Floor Scrubber has one of the widest operating ranges of any battery-powered riding scrubber in its class. It provides maximum cleaning power to large areas and environments where zero emissions are a necessity. LEARN MORE...

Advance SC8000 Automatic Scrubber

  • Cleans over 95,500 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for large warehouse and distribution centers, mills and manufacturing facilities, airport hangers, port facilities, transit depots, parking garages

The Advance SC8000 Automatic Scrubber is the most powerful model in the TNE Franklin fleet, with a Kubota-powered diesel or LP engine and the ability to clean nearly two football fields-worth of floor space on a single tank. LEARN MORE...

Advance commercial and industrial scrubbers are designed to provide safe, dependable cleaning that meets tomorrow's cleaning challenges and environmental standards. When your floors need to shine, you need Advance.

Looking for dry-application equipment? TNE Franklin also offers an industry-leading line of Advance Industrial Floor Sweepers!