Advance Industrial Floor Sweepers from TNE Franklin

Floor Sweepers 

From retail centers and warehouses to sports arenas and parking lots, from universities and schools to hospitals and offices, TNE Franklin provides the best floor sweepers for any commercial or industrial space. As a proud dealer of Nilfisk-Advance Sweepers, our experts support the most efficient, economical and technology-driven machines available today.

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Walk-Behind Industrial Sweepers

For smaller or noise-sensitive areas we offer a range of classic walk-behind sweepers like the Advance Terra 28B, with the ability to clean hard floors and carpets without changing brushes, and the battery powered SW900, a rugged industrial walk-behind sweeper perfect for factories or manufacturing plants. Our leading models include:

Advance Terra 28B Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 31,200 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for hospitals, schools, hotels, casinos, health clubs or sensitive areas

The Advance Terra 28B is a whisper-quiet yet powerful walk-behind floor sweeper that gets the job done without disrupting nearby activities. Its 59 decibel operating level makes it perfect for environments where noise is definitely not desired. But the Terra 28B isn't just quiet, it's 2.5 times more productive than competing models. LEARN MORE...

Advance Terra 132B Walk-Behind Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 38,700 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for sidewalks, curbs, driveways, machine shops, warehouses

The Advance Terra 132B is a versatile walk-behind sweeper that's ideal for general and all-purpose cleaning both in- and outdoors. It can easily maneuver around tight and confined areas with powerful sweep functions that guarantee a consistent clean. It's the performance of a rider packed into the body of an easy-to-use walk-behind. LEARN MORE...

Advance SW900 Walk-Behind Battery Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 50,800 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for walkways, entertainment facilities, warehouses, industrial applications

The Advance SW900 is the most powerful walk-behind battery sweeper in its class, equipped with a state-of-the-art dust suppression system that eradicates particulates from the floor and the environment. Intuitive controls and onboard charging make using, maintaining and storing your cleaning equipment easier than ever. LEARN MORE...

Rider Industrial Sweepers

For large cleaning challenges and extended spaces we recommend Advance's line of rider industrial sweepers, which are crafted from the highest quality materials and built to handle the wear and tear of everyday industrial use. From the Advance Granterra, with its massive 78 inch sweep path, to the compact and maneuverable Terra 4300B, our rider sweepers are designed to turn your dirtiest areas into your cleanest. Our leading models include:

Advance Terra 4300B Compact Rider Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 60,720 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for convention halls, industrial sites, department stores, airports

The Advance Terra 4300B is an excellent compact rider sweeper that is at home in commercial and industrial settings. For anyone looking to upgrade from a walk-behind to a rider, the Terra 4300B is the logical choice. The electric drivetrain gives you the power of a gas or diesel engine but with no emissions, helping you clean green. LEARN MORE...

Advance SW4000 Rider Warehouse Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 94,200 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for warehouses, malls and retail centers, lumber yards, stadiums and arenas

A staff favorite, the Advance SW4000 is the marquis warehouse sweeper for balancing power and economy. Quiet and energy efficient with the flexibility of a compact rider, this industrial sweeper outperforms every other model in its class by being up to 75% more productive than any sweeper you'll find from the competition. LEARN MORE...

Advance Proterra Industrial Floor Sweeper

  • Sweeps up 121,000 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for large warehouses, manufacturing and construction facilities, parking lots

The Advance Proterra is the industrial sweeper that takes on the dirtiest areas in your facility. Featuring a five-stage dust removal and suppression system and simple controls, the Proterra is available in electric battery or LP engine configurations for both indoor and outdoor applications. LEARN MORE...

Advance SW8000 Industrial Dust Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 145,000 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for cement and brick plants, manufacturing facilities, public parks, parking lots

Intense environments call for intense cleaning solutions; the Advance SW8000 is the ultimate dust floor sweeper for the most heavily soiled surfaces. With a wide sweep path and a large hopper, this is a powerful option for controlling dust across wide swaths of space that see a lot of dirt and debris on a regular basis. LEARN MORE...

Advance Granterra Rider Sweeper

  • Sweeps up to 145,000 square feet per hour
  • Ideal for warehouses, gypsum facilities, foundries, heavy manufacturing, distribution centers

The most powerful machine in its class, the Granterra is an unstoppable rider sweeper that thrives in the harshest industrial environments. Even if the terrain is a little uneven or the surface is sloped, the Granterra has the power and the tools it needs to achieve a perfect, dust-free clean on any surface. LEARN MORE...

All Advance commercial and industrial sweepers are built to provide years of reliable cleaning. Whether you need an industrial floor sweeper for a dust-prone warehouse, a narrow-aisled beverage distribution center or a massive arena, we have the right sweeping solution for you.

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