Advance Industrial Sweeper-Scrubbers from TNE Franklin

Industrial Sweeper-Scrubbers

TNE Franklin, a Premier Dealer of Nilfisk-Advance industrial sweeper-scrubber equipment, puts the dual power of an all-in-one cleaning solution in your hands so you can get more accomplished in half the time. These machines combine the latest technological developments and field-tested designs to create revolutionary cleaning systems that improve your efficiency, minimize your environmental impact and get your facility cleaner than you ever thought possible.

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The Top Rider Sweeper-Scrubbers in the Industry

We are proud to represent a very carefully curated selection of the best sweeper-scrubbers in their class. Large indoor and outdoor locations, no matter what the environment, are no match for the power of these units, which consistently outperform other machines. Our most popular models include:

Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

  • Cleaning paths of up to 60 inches
  • Ideal for manufacturing and automotive facilities, retail and food warehouses, parking facilities and more

The 7765 rider sweeper-scrubber collects debris and dust with a 60 inch sweeping path. Then it powers away grease and oil with 600 pounds of scrubbing pressure. This incredible degree of precision and power simply outclasses standalone machines by every performance metric. LEARN MORE...

Advance CS7000 Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubber

  • Cleans up to 118,600 feet per hour
  • Ideal for manufacturing facilities, parking lots and transportation hubs, distribution and food warehouse, stadiums, arenas and more

The Advance CS7000 Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubber is the next step in the evolution of green cleaning, with your choice of three engine configurations that lead the way in eco-friendly performance. From the long-lasting battery of the ePower model to the low-impact LPG/gas or diesel hybrids, no other sweeper-scrubber makes cleaning, well, cleaner. LEARN MORE...

All Advance sweeper-scrubbers provide years of cost-effective, dependable cleaning. When you have wide areas that you don't want to cover repeatedly with multiple pieces of equipment, these all-in-one machines can be the optimum solution for you.

From new and used equipment to the accessories that go with them, explore the complete suite of industrial cleaning products available from TNE Franklin.!